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Cage - Movies For The Blind [2002]

>> Friday, 21 December 2007

Cage - Movies For The Blind [2002]

1. Morning Dips
2. Escape To 88
3. (Down) The Left Hand Path
4. Teen Age Death
5. Too Much
6. In Stoney Lodge
7. Probably Cause Paranola
8. The Soundtrack...
9. Among The Sleep
10. Agent Orange
11. A Suicidal Fallure
12. Ck Won
13. Unlike Tower 1
14. Under Satan's Authority
15. A Crowd Killer
16. The Right Out
17. Holdin A Jar 2
18. Pussy, Money And War



whydoikeepwakingup,  19 July 2009 at 04:30  


Totally disappointed by this release, I was even saving it for when I get into my 'fuck the world' moods.

The only songs I really like are 'Agent Orange' and 'Crowd Killer'.

2 out of 18 tracks. What a shame.

p.s. Sometimes I wish I was never born.

Mister Spadez 24 May 2010 at 02:48  

I complete disagree with the first comment,Though it's far from perfect I think it's a descent album. I agree that most tracks out of the 18 arent that good but I liked way more then 2 tracks.

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