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Access Immortal - New York Yankee [2006]

>> Friday, 20 June 2008

Access Immortal - New York Yankee [2006]

1. Welcome To The Hood
2. Respect The Name
3. Try Me (feat. Young Sin, Karniege)
4. Fuck The Rap Game
5. 3 The Hard Way (feat. Emaze, Young Sin)
6. What I Say
7. 5 Star Generals (feat. Young Sin, Karniege, Science, Oktober)
8. Million Dollar Rapper
9. Toxic (feat. Young Sin, Lyrics)
10. Surprise Of Your Life
11. Crazy 8's (feat. Karniege, Breez Evahflowin', Oktober, Young Sin, Loer Velocity, Poison Pen)
12. Robbin Hood Theory
13. Picasso (feat. Lord Willin)
14. Understand (feat. Nomi)
15. The Formula Freestyle (feat. Verbal Tec, Reef The Lost Cauze)
16. Prison Song (feat. Verse Essential)
17. See You In Hell



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