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Moka Only - Airport 3 [2009]

>> Saturday, 4 July 2009

Moka Only - Airport 3 [2009]

1. Airport 3
2. Crazy (feat. Bootie Brown (The Pharcyde))
3. Gotta Wonder
4. Wont Go
5. Hamburgers (feat. Fatty Down)
6. Like Diamonds
7. Cmon Cmon
8. Feel Right
9. Galore
10. Gimmee (feat. Psy)
11. Groovulators
12. Guilt
13. Healthyandsogood
14. Hump Day
15. Im Alive
16. Im On It
17. Marchy March
18. Nattercups
19. Talk To Me Now
20. The Cat



Legendary Ent. 15 July 2009 at 15:52  

Stop sharing our albums for free!!!! Pls. support Hip Hop's hardest working artist: Moka Only & buy his albums here:
or download here:

Wheezard 23 August 2009 at 01:08  

Yo man, dont be bitchin' 'bout how hard you be workin. I just found Emancipator's shit on another blog and after the first 3 minutes it went to 1 place on my to-buy list. I'm buying this album first thing i get my next paycheck - you won't make the penny pinchin' pirate buy your fukd CD by whinin how we deprive you of your right to earn money - if this shits whack or simply ain't for me I won't buy it anyway. I won't even listen to it. And if it's another one of those "3 tracks" albums I'll buy those 3 tracks on iTunes if that's all that's worth. But don't be comin' around to nice blogs like this that are actually doing you a free favor, promoting your shit where the sun don't shine and bitch how we be sharing your albums. You used to share shit on you daddy's double deck when you were a kid, and you were PROUD to let your frends in on the latest shit.

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