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Luckyjam - The Present [2009]

>> Friday, 7 August 2009

Luckyjam - The Present [2009]

01. In My Room (prod. by Lost Roll Models)
02. Luck-EEE (prod. by Sapient)
03. Watch (Hoodstar) (prod. by Kruse, cuts by DJ Icewater)
04. Sumpthin 2 Say feat. Imani & Pep Love (prod. by Kruse, cuts by DJ Icewater)
05. Genius (prod. by Mike Gao aka Nightprowl)
06. Just Humor (prod. by Boac)
07. Privilege RMX feat. Sapient (prod. by Sapient)
08. The Prime feat. Sapient (prod. by Sapient)
09. Back! (prod. by Sunspot Jonz)
10. The Hobbleskibble (prod. by Sunspot Jonz)
11. Get The Part (prod. by Boac)
12. Me & My Gangsta Cousin feat. Sleepy Will (prod. by Stalemate)



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