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Apathy - Wanna Snuggle? [2009]

>> Friday, 25 September 2009

Apathy - Wanna Snuggle? [2009]

1. Hell's Angel
2. Money Orientated (feat Emilio Lopez)
3. Gov't Cheese
4. On And Off The Mic (feat Blacastan)
5. Back In L.A (feat Ryu & Veze Skante)
6. Shoot First (feat B-Real & Celph Titled)
7. I'm A DemiGod
8. True Love (feat Phonte)
9. Mind Ya Business (feat Chip-Fu)
10. Thinkin'
11. This Is The FOrmula (feat J-Live)
12. Guys & Girls (feat Blue Raspberry)
13. Anyday (feat King Magnetic)
14. Candy (feat Dose)
15. Run, Run Away
16. No Sad Tomorrow (feat Holly Brook & Mike Mass)
17. Rhose Island (feat Emilio Lopez)
18. What Goes Up
19. Hard Times On Planet Earth
20. Slave (feat Motive)
21. Victim (feat Holly Brook)

This link was removed as requested by Apathy & Demigodz Enterprises. However, you can buy the album from Amazon following this link:
Apathy - Wanna Snuggle?
Alternatively, you can also download it legally from iTunes, Rhapsody and the like. Thanks.


Anonymous,  4 October 2009 at 03:42  

17 guest appearances on 21 songs? woooow

is this an album or compilation?

Anonymous,  25 February 2010 at 17:13  

Damn shame...I'm not copping or listening out for his future work because I haven't heard his s***. Its not like his music is on every corner. I know he was nice back in the day, but hell I want an update. People better grasp the benefits of free downloads...hell, I won't even go to a show now - cuz' I don't know what his s*** sounds like. Oh well...

I wish him luck and better understanding

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