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Joe Scudda - Not Your Average Joe EP [2010]

>> Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Artist: Joe Scudda
Release Title: Not Your Average Joe EP
Date Of Release: 2010

You all have probably heard of Joe Scudda from his affiliation with The Justus League / Hall of Justus, the rap collective from North Carolina which also includes Little Brother, Chaundon & 9th Wonder amongst a host of other names. Here is a free EP appropriately titled 'Not Your Average Joe' which is up to download having just been released on Joe's bandcamp.

01. Not Your Average Intro
02. Every Man
03. Bubblegum Tuna
04. Cali My Way (Ft. Diz Gibran)
05. Im Gone
06. Trunk Rattle Remix (Ft. Naledge, Freddie Gibbs & Mistah FAB)
07. Playing With Me
08. Pardon Me
09. From This Day (Ft. Carlitta Durand)
10. Think About It (Ft. Evidence)
11. $ Dont Make Me
12. Stoopid Dope Moves
13. Robert Downey Jr.
14. Catch Up (Bonus Track)

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