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Speakerbox Presents The Underground: February 2010

>> Tuesday, 2 February 2010

As part of the Speakerbox revamp, i have decided to begin doing a monthly artist limelight kind of thing. The artists i feature will not be the Oddisee, Input, Braille and all the others that frequently get posted here. Not because they arn't good but because lets face it, they are pretty well known to any underground head. The artists that i will put up will be guys who are working hard to get to the level that those guys are known. I frequently get emails people asking me to post their music and i thought that it was about time i really did, so that is the point of this new feature to the blog, it's all about giving them some exposure.

The first ever feature for Speakerbox Presents The Underground, for the month of February 2010 is a 20 year old rapper from Baltimore called 810. I had previously not heard any of his stuff before he emailed me and i decided to hit up his Myspace and was pleasantly surprised, hence why he is being posted here. He's got some dope lyrics and a good flow. The music itself has a nice modern contemporary sound which is sure to please a lot of ears. You can go to his Myspace and listen for yourselves. You can also check out his blog where you can download a lot more of his music.

Artist: 810
Release Title: Glass Half Full
Date Of Release: 2009
Websites: /

Produced almost-entirely by Mydus (two songs are produced by DCypher), the Glass Half Full is an optimistically-titled endeavor that showcases the wide-ranging mic skills of the Baltimore up-and-comer.

According to 810, “This mixtape is about an unwillingness to give up, when it feels like the whole world is against you. If you are a underdog then this is for you. I just wanted to keep it real.”

1. Intro
2. My Introduction
3. Tite Rope
4. U Won’t Like This
5. Issues
6. Shame On Me
7. See The World
8. The Oath
9. A Song is Born
10. Too Young
11. Hire Us (ft. The Black Sunn)
12. Glass Half Full
13. Pressure Is On
14. Cheat (ft. The Black Diamond)
15. They Don’t Wanna Know
16. Is You In?
17. Adventures in Slumberland

Download It!


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