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TURNSTEAK - Pollution Sonore EP [2010]

>> Sunday, 13 June 2010

Release Title: Pollution Sonore EP
Date Of Release: 2010

Dams & FX are two furious and restless glitch-hoppers outsiders from France. Coming straight from the cold of the scratch battles, beat-juggling heroic fantasy and sweaty competitions (nationwide), the dynamic duo TURNSTEAK is now at the edge of its overwhelming and groundbreaking explosion, outternationally.

Pollution Sonore EP is a five track masterpiece (really, you got to listen to that shit) that introduce the new French sound of the universe, a 8-bit distortion that breaks it loud, surely made for heavyweight sound systems.

01 - Better Than Amanda (Might Like You Better – Amanda Blank Turnsteak RMX)
02 - Yoga Mudra
03 - Bulles de bain
04 – Monastary
05 - Broken Control (Girls, Boys and Toys – Jahcoozi Turnsteak RMX)

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