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Speakerbox Presents The Underground: June 2010

>> Thursday, 3 June 2010

The month of June, here we come. The Speakerbox Presents The Underground artist for this month is Chiddy Bang. Chiddy Bang are an American band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The group consists of Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege, a.k.a. Proto, and Noah Beresin, better known as Xaphoon Jones, and Dan Summers, who met at Drexel University, in Philadelphia, PA. Their sound is based on the fusion of hip hop and unique sample choices from alternative leaning artists. You may have heard their song 'Opposite Of Adults' which samples MGMT's 'Kids'. The song did it's rounds on the internet and was positively received, and even charted well here in the UK gaining a peak of number 12.

Despite this, i want to give them this spot cause they do genuinely have skills and are a bunch of talented guys. Their success shouldn't be based off the samples they use, although it must be said, their choice of samples does make them unique and interesting and definately aids their appeal.

Artist: Chiddy Bang
Release Title: The Swelly Express (Mixtape)
Date Of Release: 2009

The Swelly Express is the debut mixtape of duo Chiddy Bang. The mixtape involves a range of songs which follow the true story of the duo's rise in the "industry" towards fame. Their songs represent the journey of the two kids, who came from Philly, and boarded many boring bus trips on the Chinatown buses to finally meet the "big-wigs" in NYC.

The album samples a whole range of songs from artists including MGMT, Ratatat, Yelle and Passion Pit.

1. "Get Up In The Morning" (Samples Israelites by Desmond Dekker & The Aces)
2. "Never" (samples Expialodocious by Pogo)
3. "Danger Zone"
4. "Fresh Like Us" (samples Ce Jeu by Yelle)
5. "Now U Know" (feat. Jordan Brown)
6. "Welcome To Major Label Inc skit"
7. "Truth" (samples Better Things by Passion Pit)
8. "Meet Mike Hoffman skit"
9. "Pro’s Freestyle 1.0"
10. "Awesome skit"
11. "Dream Chasin’"
12. "Silver Screen"
13. "Slow Down" (feat. The Root’s Black Thought & elDee The Don)
14. "Decline"
15. "Call Skit"
16. "Opposite of Adults" (samples "Kids" by MGMT)
17. "Voicemail skit"
18. "All Things Go" (samples "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens)

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