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Shad - TSOL [2010]

>> Saturday, 29 May 2010

Artist: Shad
Release Title: TSOL
Date Of Release: 2010

Known for his impressive wordplay and introspective lyricism, Ontario-based rapper Shad debuted in 2005 with the self-made When This Is Over that he paid for by winning a talent competition. His underground buzz maintained, but it was not until 2007’s The Old Prince that his body of work would be recognized as a bigger level.

He received two nominations for the LP in 2008 from the Juno and Polaris committees, though victory eluded him. Shad substantially stepped it up both lyrically, as heard on lead single “Yaa I Get It,” and contributor-wise for 2010’s TSOL. The album features Broken Social Scene’s Lisa Lobsinger and Brendan Canning along with singer Justin Nozuka and rapper Kamau.

01 Intro 1:52
02 Rose Garden 2:59
03 Keep Shining 3:28
04 Lucky 1'S 4:04
05 A Good Name 2:28
06 We Are The Ones (Reservoir Poetry) 4:09
07 Telephone 3:39
08 Call Waiting (Interlude) 1:52
09 Yaa I Get It 3:51
10 Listen 2:57
11 At The Same Time 4:56
12 We, Myself, And I 3:42
13 Outro 0:59


L-Dot,  29 May 2010 at 23:37  

Ohhhh yeah, show some love for my hometown boy! Make sure you support and buy the album if you like it!

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