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LMNO And Kev Brown - Selective Hearing Part 2 [2010]

>> Saturday, 15 May 2010

Artist: LMNO And Kev Brown
Release Title: Selective Hearing Part 2
Date Of Release: 2010

The critically acclaimed LMNO & Kev Brown project Selective Hearing (Up Above) was a near perfect pairing of LMNO’s conscious lyrics and vintage Kev Brown production, earning the duo early Grammy nods in 2008. On May 11th, the duo will release Selective Hearing Part 2, their highly anticipated follow-up to their 2008 classic.

In contrast to their first album, which was recorded by sending one another beats and vocals via e-mail, Selective Hearing Part 2 was recorded together at the Technicali Lab in Southern California during Kev Brown’s various trips to the West Coast. Entirely produced by Kev Brown, the two also decided that it was only right to have both LMNO and Kev rapping on each track, as opposed to their first album where Kev was only featured on a handful, vocally. Upon completion of the album, the duo enlisted a barrage of guest emcees from both sides of the coast including Chali 2Na (Jurassic 5), Declaime, Kenn Starr, Hassaan Mackay, Kaimbr, Mr. Brady (Deep Rooted), and Trek Life.

01. The Ultimate (2:38)
02. James Brown (2:46)
03. Kragenoff (feat. Kaimbr) (3:51)
04. Ya Know (2:24)
05. We Stay Rockin (feat. Declaime & Mr. Brady) (4:06)
06. Do It Again (feat. Trek Life) (3:06)
07. Good Gawd (feat. Hassaan Mackey) (2:42)
08. Gotta Get It (feat. Kenn Starr) (3:19)
09. Guaranteed (feat. Chali 2na) (3:06)
10. Feel Good (3:42)
11. James Brown Pt. 2 (4:33)


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