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Braille – Weapon Aid [2010]

>> Monday, 17 May 2010

Artist: Braillee
Release Title: Weapon Aid
Date Of Release: 2010

Weapon Aid marks the sixth official studio album from the Pacific Northwest bred emcee, Braille, and its being called his most cohesive album to date. Weapon Aid is a collection of healing songs that were birthed through the difficult circumstances Braille was going through at the time. Following up his 2009 album with S1, this is a bit of a departure and is heavy with emotion and transparency, taking you on a journey with Braille striving to hold his life together, while simultaneously being renewed. Produced almost entirely by Big Jess of Unknown Prophets and featuring guest appearances Big Jess (of UKP), Ruslan and Beleaf (of The Breax). C-A!

01. 04:14 Get Well Soon
02. 03:35 Give Myself
03. 04:23 Complexicated
04. 03:07 Up
05. 04:33 Poison
06. 02:40 Thinking Shoes
07. 03:30 Resurrect Me
08. 04:07 Revenge (Ft. Ruslan Beleaf Of Thebreax)
09. 04:09 Nothing Left To Say (Ft. Unknown Prophets)
10. 04:02 Surgical


LWITIKANO 12 September 2010 at 19:04  

i've listened to the weapon aid album and its a dope.the way how braille spits those lyrics shows how talented he is but we have to remember that our focus is on the master planner himself 'GOD' and since am also trying to get my life on track cos of my indweling sin this album is a perfect weapon, but i havent yet undrestood it well and i've been searching for the album lyrics on the net but i cant seem to find them. if there's a site where those lyrics are posted please let me know cos they will be of great significance cos its how i make the most out of each and every album that comes out

pharmacy wiki 1 July 2011 at 19:49  

I don't like the word, but I have to agree with Mr. LWITIKANO, that album is a dope, especially the first half of it is simply marvelous. These words mean a lot coming from me, pretty much because I never liked this kind of genre and getting a band that I can enjoy is hard, really hard!

pay per head 5 May 2012 at 06:15  

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