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Debaser – Peerless [2010]

>> Saturday, 8 May 2010

Artist: Debaser
Release Title: Peerless
Date Of Release: 2010

Debaser is a dynamic two-man hip-hop group that has emerged during one of the most competitive eras for their genre. The duo, comprised of Ethic (MC) & Sapient (MC/Producer), has spent a near decade of their lives perfecting their craft. The group that calls Portland, Oregon home is also an integral part of the Northwest dominating crew Sandpeople.

01. Curseless Gift
02. Enough
03. Peerless
04. Tree of Life
05. Spider in the Sheets
06. Pedestals (feat. Cage)
07. Nola (instrumental)
08. Quitters
09. My Brain
10. Don’t Sleep (feat. The Grouch)
11. Bang Like This (instrumental)
12. Results
13. Purest Disgust (feat. Eyedea)
14. High Priceless


Emerson 11 May 2010 at 22:36  

Definatly worth the listen!

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