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Grieves - 88 Keys & Counting [2008]

>> Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Artist: Grieves
Release Title: 88 Keys & Counting
Date Of Release: 2008

As we draw to a close of yet another month in 2010 (is it me or is it time passing ridiculously fast?) that means we also draw to a close the Speakerbox Presents The Underground: March 2010 artist spotlightee, Grieves. At points throughout the month i've posted the album which introduced us all to him, his first release - 'Irreversible', i've also posted a newly released 'Confessions Of Mr Modest EP' and shown you just one of his old music videos. There is only really one more thing left to post, and that's his sophomore album. And here it is, '88 Keys & Counting'.

4.October in the Graveyard
5.Dead in the Water
6.Live in the Hive
8.Identity Cards (ft. Luckyiam)
9.Nature vs. Nurture
10.Lock Down
11.Learning How To Fall
12.The March
13.Greedy Bitch
14.Cloud Man
15.Eciting the Hive
16.88 Keys & Counting

Download It!


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