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Grieves – Confessions Of Mr. Modest [2010]

>> Saturday, 13 March 2010

Artist: Grieves
Release Title: Confessions Of Mr. Modest
Date Of Release: 2010

So, as you know Grieves is our artist spotlight of the month. Here is a brand new EP from him called 'The Confessions Of Mr Modest'. 'The Confessions Of Mr. Modest' is an EP released by Grieves which came free with the pre-order of his re-released first album '88 Keys & Counting' which was released earlier this month on Rhymesayers. Luckily you can however, buy it separately.

01. A Song for Mr. Modest (2:33)
02. Ghost Ship (2:58)
03. Dirtnap Nightmares (3:29)
04. Heat Stroke feat. Cunninlynguists (3:59)
05. Out of My Mind (5:25)
06. Smile for the Blade (3:27)
07. I Ate Your Soul (Remix) feat. P Smoov (3:58)
08. War for the Crippled feat. P.O.S. (4:04)
09. Windchill (2:52)
10. Purgatory Music (2:56)

Download It!


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