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MetaMorph - Chain Reaction [2010]

>> Saturday, 13 March 2010

Artist: MetaMorph
Release Title: Chain Reaction
Date Of Release: 2010

"Chain Reaction" is a 17 track LP started by the romanian producer MetaMorph which features sick emcees from 6 different countries and raw hip-hop production!

This is a big project which took almost one year to complete and is now available for free download! What can be better than free Hip-Hop which is from all around the globe?

01. Off The Hook feat. Newest Nuisance
02. After After feat. Matt Eps
03. Rap Overdose feat. D.R. & Flash
04. Double Penetration feat. PDG, Thomas & DJ Centrix
05. Too Many Emcees feat. Agonee Bogard
06. Off My Medication feat. Thomas
07. Underground Detonation feat. 10Vers, Flexo & DJ Nox
08. For Those Times feat. Newest Nuisance
09. Collision Course feat. Apaulo Treed & Ream
10. Wandering Stranger feat. Subtil
11. March On feat. Ream & JG
12. Impatient feat. Newest Nuisance
13. Get My... feat. Cyborg AOS
14. Triple Penetration feat. PDG, Thomas & Don Pini
15. March On (Remix) feat. Ream
16. Chill Out (bonus instrumental)
Bonus track: Clash Of The Titans feat. Apaulo Treed


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Nice hip hop! Great beats and great rhymes, just what I was looking for! Thank you so much for sharing it. I appreciate your work here. Keep it up.

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