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Kidz In The Hall – Land Of Make Believe [2010]

>> Friday, 5 March 2010

Artist: Kidz In The Hall
Release Title: Land Of Make Believe
Date Of Release: 2010

The Chicago group, Kidz In The Hall are well known throughout the underground scene. They made an impact with their first album 'School Was My Hustle' in 2006 and then followed that up with their second album 'The In Crowd' in 2008. Now they are back in 2010 with their third album 'Land Of Make Believe'.

On their third album, the duo of Naledge and Double-O take a look at themselves as artists and examine where they are and where they should be, which is what The Land of Make Believe references. With this new introspection comes a new sound, with lead singles "Flickin'" and "Jukebox" going in an even glossier direction than previous cuts like "I Got It Made" and "Love Hangover." Expect Double-O to handle the bulk of production once again.

01. Intro
02. Traffic
03. Flickin
04. Out To Lunch (Feat. The Kid Daytona)
05. Bougie Girls (Feat. Russoul)
06. Jukebox (Feat. MC Lyte)
07. L O V E
08. Will II Win (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius)
09. Take Over The World (Feat. Just Blaze & Colin Munroe)
10. Fresh Academy (Feat. Chip Tha Ripper & Donnis)
11. Simple Life (Feat. Amanda Diva)
12. Running (Feat. Tim William)
13. Do It All Again (I Am)
14. I Am (Reprise)
15. Rise & Shine (Feat. Russoul)


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